International congress
Russian Supercomputing Days
September 25 - October 2, 2021

One week.
Variety of Parallel Events.
"Russian Supercomputing Days" International Congress
The congress unites conference, scientific schools of supercomputer academy, special workshop series, guided tours to the leading computing centers and many other activities. Event will be carried out in many locations in Moscow and Russia.

This year the congress will be held in mixed form combining offline and online events.
HPC, Big Data, Exascale, AI/ML/DL
Congress topics covers all aspects of supercomputing technologies: software and hardware design, solving large tasks, application of supercomputing technologies in industry, exaflop computing issues, supercomputing education, and many others.
Science, Industry, Business, Government, Education, Students
Congress caters to the interests of a wide range of representatives from science, industry, business, education, government, and students – anyone connected to the development or the use of supercomputing technologies.
Together We Create the Future
Conference Brief Statistics of 2020
Online Format

2 Plenary Sessions
11 Research Sessions
15 Workshops & Master Classes
Poster Session
PhD Showcase
Technical Exhibition
2 Days

16 Keynote Talks
57 Research Paper Talks
13 Research Posters

More 420 Attendees

Attendees from Russia, Europe, Asia and North America
155 Organizations

48 Universities
23 RAS Institutes
Industry & Business Organizations

International Conference
Russian Supercomputing Days
Conference is held in two days with many parallel activities: keynotes and invited talks, research and industry sessions, trainings and workshops, poster presentation, supercomputing exhibition, PhD showcase, etc.

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Academy Brief Statistics of 2020
Online Format

8 Days

50 Attendees

5 Scientific Schools

MPI and OpenMP
HPC with NVIDIA Accelerators
Python for HPC
Quantum Computing
DL Technologies for HPC
Scientific Schools
Supercomputing Academy
Scientific schools of Supercomputing Academy are a set of special events on cutting-edge science and technology directions.
MPI and OpenMP.
High-performance computing on clusters using NVIDIA graphic processors.
Python for high-performance computing.
Quantum informatics.
Deep neural networks on high-performance clusters.
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Workshops on Advaced Topics
Workshops & Master Classes
Workshop topic may be any topic around high performance computing. Workshop form is defined by its chair, it can be a sort of mini conference with submission contest, invited talks, technology demonstration, training, etc. External, distributed and online workshops are highly appreciated.
Workshop proposals (detailed description in a free form) are accepted to up to
August 15, 2021. All applications will be reviwed by commitee experts.

Exhibition of supercomputer technologies
HPC Technologies. Leading HPC Vendors. Scientific Bookshelf.
Exhibition features the newest hardware and software solutions for high performance computing from the market leaders in HPC.
Sponsors 2021
In 2015-2020, the Conference was supported by
Russian Foundation for Basic Research
Keynotes & Invited Speakers of 2015-2020
Addresses by world leading HPC experts.